Smells Cigarette Smoke a Dangerous Health Sign?

Constantly smell something burning whether it is toast or cigarette smells and this gives me headaches. It maybe meant a sinus infection is coming. If the smell is associated with headaches and nausea, it could be more serious. Not to make things scary,but you should take further actions to finding out the cause. It is not appear that anyone has found the answer as to why they smell phantom smoke.

The most commonto an ex-smoker which possibly having withdrawals by smelling cigarette smoke hallucination think that this is the physiological effect after quitting smoking. But it maybe not the right answers.

Smelling smoke constantly when no one else smelled it may cause by olfactory hallucination. This olfactory hallucinations can occur with seizure disorders and thismay continue for several period and need to get expert treatment to rule out tumors, seizures etc. Before visit physician, try eliminating sucralose from your diet to reduce unnatural, puffy, chemical appearance to make the smoke smell went away.

What May Caused this “Phantom” Smelling Cigarette Smoke

Smelling Cigarette Smoke Causes

Smelling Cigarette Smoke Causes

Zinc Deficiency

Smelling cigarette smoke hallucination could turn out to be caused by a zinc deficiency. Started taking zinc to boost immune system and help the smell went away.

Dental Problem

Tooth implant and some major sinus infections due to the surgery and the puncturing of my sinus cavity is believed as the cause.

Metal (Chemical) Toxicity

Smelling smoke due to metal toxicity: There are many foods we consume on a daily basis that have poisons as well as many products we use, including dryer sheets. How do the poisonous metals get into our products is a really good question that we all need answered. These metal toxins we have in our bodies are the underlying problem of the many ailments that many of us are ails with.


Due to epilepsy: left temporal lobe epilepsy. This particular diagnosis explains quite a bit, especially the smoke smell which odd smells can be attributed to left temporal lobe epilepsy.

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Acid Reflux (GERD)

Due to it is due to acid reflux that burns the back of the throat and nose. How to treat it: First thing in the morning (has to be first thing when your stomach is empty) drink a glass of warm water. Then raise your arm out level with the shoulders the turn your hands in palms facing down till your fingers touch. Rise up onto your toes and drop down back hard onto your heels. Do this ten times. Then pant past through your mouth for 15 to 20 seconds.


If it tumor: probably an allergy or you are having an allergic reaction. If it were a tumor you would most likely have other symptoms such as vomiting, vision problems and extremely bad headaches.

STROKE or brain tumor symptoms have long been associated with the onset of a strong smell such as burnt toast or rubber – which only you can detect. An expert has revealed if sufferers really do experience these unusual signs.

How Does Olfactory System Works?

  • The way the nose works is when we breathe the smell come into the nose.
  • In the nasal cavity, the odor will dissolve in the mucus.
  • On the roof of the nasal cavity there is olfactory epithelium which is very sensitive to odor molecules, because in this section there is the smell detection (smell receptors).
  • This receptor is very much there are about 10 million.
  • When the odor particles are caught by the receptor, the signal will be sent to the olfactory bulb through the olfactory nerve
  • This is the part that sends signals to the brain and then in the process by what brain odor has been smelled by our nose.


Disturbance to the olfactory system

  • Differentiated quantitative (interference in the peripher) and qualitative (interference in the central).
  • Quantitative includes:
  1. Hyposmia (reduced odor)
  2. Anosmia (missing or no odor)
  • Qualitative includes: Parosmia;Kakosmia (bad odor) or hyperosmia (an abnormally strong odor)
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Disturbance to smell

  • Juvenile Papilloma
  • AngiofibromaJuveniL
  • Rhinitis Allergic
  • Anosmia
  • Selesma and influenza
  • Sinusitis

If you ex-smoker or being around smoke (even in small, un-noticeable amounts) causes a physical reaction. So, this problem may not be a sickness or several condition it may called “phantom” smell. It normally disappears after certain time without needs any treatment.

“Phantom” Smoke Smell could be coming from:

1) Severe sinusitis

2) Acid reflux damage in back of throat

3) Medications

4) Humidifiers, deodorizers, anything that produces a scent


High up in the nose are specialized cells which connect directly to the brain – which identifies the smell.

“You might also be suffering from nasal polyps, which are small, usually harmless growths on the inside of your nose that can partially block your nasal passage and affect your sense of smell.” simple nasal or sinus infection is one of the first possibilities your doctor will check for.

Disease that Related to “Phantom” Smelling

phantom smell disease

phantom smell disease

Hyperthyroid: issues with smelling smoke can related to Grave’s disease (hyperthyroid). The olfactory nerves are in fact, a conduit into the brain via the olfactory mucosa in the sinus cavities and the olfactory bulb in the brain.

Brain tumor:The phantom smells I am having are actually seizures caused by a benign brain tumor called a meningioma. The meningioma is a tumor on the lining of the brain and spinal cord which contains 3 layers.  It is on the underside of my brain where the brain meets the stem/spinal cord.  The meningioma is pressing on the part of my brain that controls smell and taste.

Effect of radiation treatment: related to thyroid and damaged nasal and throat passages from the radiation or thyroid condition.

Sinus Infection: The damage of olfactory nerves was from the sinus infection. If it is a bacterial sinusitis, it needs to be treated with antibiotics, irrigation with saline and topical steroid sprays.

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Don’t believe these smells are “phantom” at all, but instead are representative of a very real phenomenon going on with our metabolism at the time the smell is occurring. they often occur with “neurological disorders” because neurological disorders are real, autoimmune disorders are very real, and both very often go hand in hand with abnormal metabolism of neurotransmitters and other hormones. Phantosmia/hyperosmia/anosmia and other “smell disorders” are increasingly found significant indicators in multiple neurological/neurodegenerative conditions, such as Autism, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. This is not surprising, as those olfactory neurons are direct conduits to the brain.

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