11 Reasons behind Foul Smelling Urine Problem

Foul Smelling Urine

Foul Smelling Urine

Urine consists mainly of water. It’s the amount and concentration of various waste products excreted by the kidneys. It is normal that sometimes appears certain difference between the pee color and odor. Most of people commonly not pay more attention of their urine consistency. This wrong thing because your pee color and urine can give you a hint whether is there any problem or your body or not.


What the Normal Color and Odorof Your Pee?


Normally, pee should be clear or pale yellow with no strong odor. It’s normal if your pee smell like a bit ammonia odor because of the biological extraction process on your body. It turns out of normal if your urine color become darker or turns red which indicate that your body gets dehydration. Dehydration was the first indication that been given when you have foul smelling urine. Dehydration can cause pee become more concentrated which make the color become darker and make stronger odor. If body gets enough hydration by consuming enough water and the symptoms keep appearing, it indicates that something gone wrong on your body. In a normal basis, foul smelling urine can be caused by the dietary. Some kind of foods like garlic, onions, asparagus, coffee and other sharp smelled food can make your urine a little smelly. But in this normal condition, smelly pee because of some kind of foods doesn’t stay longer than 12 hours or maybe less if you drink enough water.


How Urine Processed on Your Body?


The process of urine formation consists of 3 stages, namely; Filtration, Reabsorption and Augmentation. These three stages occur in the kidneys. Urine is one result of the excretion system in humans which is the result of blood filtering by the kidneys. Urine contains harmful substances that must be released by the body.

This a simple urine formation diagram

Urine Formation

Urine Formation


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The secretion of urine usually consists of:

  • Water (about 96%)
  • The rest (about 4%) may consist of Urea, urine acid, and ammonia is the remnants of protein disassembly. Mineral salts, especially salt. The bile dye, which causes the urine, is yellowish. Excessive substances in the blood, such as vitamins. Drugsand hormones.

If you have foul smell pee without food or drugs consumption, you should be wary because it could be a sign of health problems. Here are some diseases that cause stinging smell:




The smell of urine can also be caused if your body is very dehydrated, dehydration can make your urine very concentrated.  Another sign that you are dehydrated is cloudy urine like a dark yellow to orange. If dehydration is severe, it may be accompanied by excessive fatigue, weakness, anxiety, and even decreased consciousness. So drink enough water every day. In general, you should be drinking about 8 glasses of water per day or more if you’re doing a lot of physical activity or in extreme hot temperature.


Urinary Tract Blockage or Bladder Outlet Obstruction/Infection


Urinary tract infection occurs when you develop an infection anywhere in the urinary tract. It could be in your bladder, which is more common, or in the kidneys, which present more of a challenge to treat. The ureters or urethra may also be infected due to this condition which usually makes you feel a burning sensation while peeing or when you feel that you want to pee but nothing can comes out. These condition can cause fishy smelly at times too because of the bacteria present in the urine that causes urinary tract infections.


The Connection between Foul Smelling Urine and Dietary


Some studies reveal the content of organic compounds on the onion and garlic that causes unpleasant odor. Cysteine and its derivatives, such as glutathione, djenkolic acid, and thiazolidine-4- carboxylic acid, are some of the sulfur-rich compounds known to produce a distinctive odor.

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There are a number of other organic compounds that cause this unpleasant odor, including methanethiol, dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, dimethyl sulfoxide, and dimethyl sulfone. In addition to garlic, asparagus also has the ability to produce odor in the urine. When metabolized, certain compounds on asparagus increase the smell of urine. Compounds that decompose on the digestive process include thiols, thioesters, and ammonia.




Diabetic’s urine tend to smell sweet like fluids containing sugar. Diabetes complication is often referred to as Ketoacidosis Diabetes. In KAD (Ketoacidosis Diabetes), the body is unable to use blood sugar as a source of energy because there is no adequate insulin. The body will then break down the fat and form a product that called ketones. Therefore urine sufferer KAD will smell ketone (like smell of acetone nail cleaner or smell of fruits). When you realize the smell of sweet urine, immediately checked for treatment. Therefore, diabetes is silenced alone can cause dangerous conditions.


Coffee Consumption


Urine problems smell like coffee because in coffee there is substances caffeine. The human body cannot digest caffeine so it must be disposed of in the form of liquid urine. Your kidneys release large amounts of caffeine when you drink large quantities of coffee, causing urine that smells like coffee. To prevent it multiply drinking water at least two liters per day. The more water consumed, the concentrations of components that make the urine smell like ammonia or caffeine will be reduced.


Microbial infection


If you are infected by a bacterial or fungal infection, then the cause of the infection can enter your urine stream, so the smell of urine becomes very stinging. Sometimes these microbial infections arise because of sexual infection which spread to the urinary tract.


Liver Disease


Problems with the liver are often characterized by darker-looking urine like tea color, and also strong odor. Symptoms of this disease are often disguised with advanced urinary tract disorders that require more accurate physician examination.

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Vesicointestinal fistulas


This is the term for conditions where there are holes or pathways between the bladder and the intestine, so bacteria can move from the gut to the bladder. This leak may occur due to injury at the time of surgery, colitis, or Crohn’s disease resulting in a foul odor in the urine.


Multivitamin Excess


Substances present in drugs or supplements can affect your urine odor and sometimes cause stench when urinating. Do not panic if this happens because it is quite natural and also smell in the urine will usually disappear when stopped consuming the supplement.




In this condition the body cannot break down the amino acid phenylalanine. As a result, the urine will accumulate and emit a typical “mousey” smell that is like a rat smell. The disease is usually present at birth due to a genetic disease and incurable.


Hormonal Problem


A study states that women who are entering the fertile period or ovulation have a stinging smell of urine. This is because the hormone affects the ammonia content in the urine, so the urine becomes more odors. Not only during ovulation, if you are pregnant, pregnancy have hormones also affected your urine odor, especially in the first trimester.


When the right time to visit a doctor?


Pee smell that lasts more than 12 hours, if not caused by food or drugs, should be addressed further. Especially if accompanied by pain and excessive discomfort. Do not ignore if you experience odor smell. Immediately went to the doctor in order to more quickly know the cause and appropriate treatment given.

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