Master Cleanse

A total body rejuvenation. In just 10 days, without drugs, without plastic surgery, without expensive spa treatments, can you go wrong with Master Cleanse?

For more than 50 years, the Master Cleanse system has promised to help people lose up to 20 pounds, look younger, ease chronic pain, cleanse the body of internal waste, and boost energy levels in 10 days.

Yet it’s notoriously hard to stick to a diet of lemonade, and deal with the effects of the cleansing process on your own.

This new programme shows you how to prepare properly before starting a cleanse, hope to cope with and reduce the severity of any side effects and what to do once you’ve finished and the optimum diet to re-introduce food.

It’s also focussed on getting through the first three days of the cleanse, by telling you ho...


The truth about building muscle

What if we told you you could achieve a button-popping chest, sleeve-ripping arms and rock-solid six pack abs in under 3 hours a week? Best-selling programme, “The Truth About Building Muscle” cuts through all the crap and clutter out there and promises simple, fast and effective results for the thousands of people who have benefitted from it.

Natural Bodybuilder Sean Nalewanyj is so confident about his new system, he personally guarantees you will not find another muscle building package this powerful anywhere, at any price.

In a few short hours a week you’ll feel healthier & stronger, ready to take on the day with an energy you never had before. You’ll look better & more desirable, which in term will give you a new-found confidence.

It doesn’t matter if you’re fat or skinny, it d...


Strip that fat

With simple terminology and a focus on eating regularly, the Strip that fat programme promises lasting results. By showing you what to eat and when, the plan shows you how to lose weight by eating regularly, without the need for supplements or low carb diets.

The following testimonies show the results people are achieving in a short period of time.

“It has only been a few weeks but I have been able to lose some weight already and actually keep it off. I have been on countless amounts of meds and tried numerous types of diets, but nothing has helped me as much as the program at Strip That Fat has.”

“Our whole family has taken part in the Strip That Fat diet program. We each created our own diet plans and have stuck to our guns...


The diet solution program

Proudly proclaiming themselves to be “NOT another Hollywood diet scam”, The Diet Solution Program is trusted by frustrated dieters all over the world. The program is inspired by the principles used by diabetics to control their insulin levels, applying those priciples to weight loss. Once you can control your blood sugar and insulin levels, you can lose weight, without cutting out calories, carbs or fat.

With testimonials from success stories, a sports nutrition doctor and a best selling fitness author, this programme is a culmination of 15 years of research into what are the absolute best ways to achieve a healthy weight and feel great.

“I only really needed to lose 10 lbs but the most amazing part was the10.5 total inches I lost from my waist, hips and thighs...


Carb rotation plan

With diets specifically tailored for men or women, the plan promises rapid and permanent weight loss through easy-to-follow dietary programming.

Testimonies from real men and women show how they’ve lose weight and inches from their waistlines and kept them off.

“The Get Rid of My Gut Diet taught me how to eat better. Starting the day with a good breakfast, making better choices in food selections and I have lost 4 inches from my waist, 25 pounds and I also lost 7% bodyfat.”

“I’ve been following your program for just 2.5 weeks now and I’m already LOVING it. I really thought I would be hungry, but I’m not – at all!”

“In just 20 days I’ve dropped 6 pounds, my clothes are fitting a lot better, and there is a noticeable difference in the mirror! I can feel that my metabolism i...